Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Every organization relies on a broad range of third parties for critical business operations that span borders.  With the increasingly strict enforcement of global Anti-Corruption regulations like FCPA and the UK Bribery Act, your employees, suppliers and partners can create risk and liability that could result in significant business sanctions and damage to your valuable brands.  No company can afford to let this risk go unmonitored.

The reality is that regulators look for proper diligence in anti-corruption.  An effective program can make a huge difference as Morgan Stanley learned.  Too often, organizations don’t have the resources to monitor all of their partners and suppliers so they cover a small number of critical ones, leaving gaps in coverage.  They rely on a time consuming process based on spreadsheets and e-mail, leaving valuable risk and compliance data scattered.  Time and money are wasted if your process won’t stand up to scrutiny in an audit. 

Risk Management Built to Protect

Built on our BenchMark platform, Avior’s Anti-Corruption Module has all of the content for a proper risk management program.  You can use our assessments, import your spreadsheets or a combination of the two.  We have an integrated remediation workflow that allows you to track problem areas, risks and key deliverables.  Our reporting and analytics engine provides over 30 ready to use reports and dashboards so you can see your program and compliance status in real time.  Built on our BenchMark hosted SaaS platform, your data is stored in a business class database with a full audit trail and extensive analytics.

Comprehensive Coverage

BenchMark’s automated approach saves money by eliminating cumbersome manual processes so you can expand your program to cover all relevant parties.  BenchMark allows information to be shared so you get full coverage without duplicate effort.  You have access to the right information so you effectively manage risk and compliance.  Our customers tell us they use Avior BenchMark because it saves money while providing the necessary audit trail. 

One Yardstick

What sets BenchMark apart is the patent-pending Dynamic Compliance Matrix (DCM) which is multi-dimensional cross-mapping of controls, regulations, standards and policies. The DCM comes complete with all of the necessary regulations for anti-corruption and we can add your company policies such as a code of conduct.  Everything is mapped to the control level for unprecedented granularity.  The DCM allows you to measure risk and compliance for everything from how a partner handles one control to how well your company meets a given mandate.

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