Managed Services

Avior’s new managed service is aimed at helping customers better manage their risk and compliance programs while controlling costs.  It combines Avior’s BenchMark platform and the relevant content with the expertise of the people who develop the content.  The service is built on Avior’s Dynamic Compliance Matrix (DCM) which already has all of the regulations, standards and policies needed for third party risk programs.  The BenchMark SaaS platform provides complete reporting and audit trail.

Let Avior’s professional services team operate our BenchMark platform for you.  We already have all of the content you need to run a full risk and compliance program.  With our new outsourced service, we do all of the administrative work to ensure your vendors or other partners comply with the standards that you require.  Our service looks like it is from your company and we review every response as if we were part of your team.  You have on-line access to see the status of the process or the results at any time.

The service is currently available for our Vendor Risk and Supplier Management, FCPA and Third Party Anti-Corruption and Privacy Impact Assessment solutions.  Pricing is based on the number of organizations we manage for you and is available as a monthly subscription.

This service is ideally suited to organizations that have smaller supply chains or do not have the staff to administer a complete risk and performance management program.  Because you outsource the administration, all you have to focus on are the exceptions and the results.

What we need from you

We work with you to go through our launch checklist and gather:

  • Contact and profile information for your vendors or partners
  • What standards you want to measure your vendors or partners against
  • How you categorize or structure these organizations

What we do

We take on all of the administration:

  • We load your information into our system
  • We set up the landing pages and templates with your company’s logo and text
  • We configure the programs and projects to organize your vendors
  • We schedule and launch the assessments to track compliance
  • Our team reviews all responses to ensure appropriate compliance.  If we find a problem or gap, we open a remediation task to allow the vendor or partner to remedy the issue.
  • We will flag any unresolved issues.

The result

You can log-on to run any of our standard reports using an intuitive menu of pull-down options.  For example, you can look at the compliance of an individual vendor or partner, see the overall state of any part of your supply chain or network and how it complies with any of the standards or regulations.  Your staff is freed from the administrative burden of monitoring and only has to deal with the relatively small number of exceptions.

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